Voter Registration:

For voter registration information, please call the New Canaan Registrar of Voters, Joan McLaughlin (R) at 203-594-3070.

Are you registered to vote? Visit the State of CT Online Voter Registration

Change of Party Enrollment:

If you wish to change your party enrollment, you may do this by completing a new voter registration form (See Voter Registration form above).

Absentee Ballot Information:

If you will not be able to vote in New Canaan when the polls are open, you need to plan ahead to vote by absentee ballot.

You can vote by absentee ballot during weekdays at the Town Clerk’s office in Town Hall.  The Town Clerk’s office is on the first floor in Town Hall and is open Monday – Friday 8:30AM – 4:00PM.

For more information, contact Town Clerk Claudia Weber at 203-594-3070 or by email.

The information below was obtained from the New Canaan Registrar of Voters website.
How do I register?
You may register in person in the Registrars’ office or in the Office of the Town Clerk, both in Town Hall. You may also register by mail by requesting an application by phone from the Registrars. Applications are also available from the library and a number of state agencies, as well as through the Department of Motor Vehicles. You may also download the form here: Mail-in Registration Form

What are the deadlines and qualifications?
Any U.S. citizen who is a resident of the town and will turn 18 by election or primary day may register and vote. Seventeen year-olds may register, and will acquire their rights upon their 18th birthday. Those who have been convicted of a felony lose their rights and cannot have their voting rights restored until completion of their incarceration and payment of any fines.

The deadline to register and vote  in Connecticut is 14 Days by mail, and seven days in person for an election. Any person who attains 18, moves in town, or becomes a U.S. citizen after the deadline but on or before election day, may apply in person in the Registrars’ office.

Connecticut does allow Electon Day registration for general only. Contact the Registrars for details and location.

For eligibility in a primary, the deadline to register or enroll in a party is five days prior to the primary date if applying in person. Voters must be enrolled in a party to be eligible to vote in that party’s primary.

How do I join or enroll in a party?

Registering to vote in a political party allows you to participate in that party’s political primaries (where they choose the candidate who will run in the general election) and organizations. You should choose the party that best matches up with your own personal beliefs and principles. Individuals who are members of political parties defend the party’s values and/or platform. If you do not wish to enroll in a political party you will be designated as “Unaffiliated” – commonly misinterpreted to be “Independent” which is a registered party in Connecticut and may only vote in the general election.

You may enroll in a party (or switch parties if already registered) when you register to vote, or at any time after you have registered. This may be done by mail or in person using the form available from the Registrars of Voters office or from the Town Clerk’s Office. Changing from a major party to another major party, of which Connecticut has 2: Republican & Democrat requires a 3 month waiting period before the right to participate in the new party’s caucuses or primaries is attained.

New Connecticut Voting Districts

Connecticut established new boundaries for State Assembly and State Senate districts in 2022. Voters should refer to the new maps when determining where to vote. The current New Canaan voter district map is on the Town website.

You can also look up which district you are in on the Secretary of State’s website:

  • District 1 votes at NCHS

  • District 2 and 3 vote at Saxe Middle School

  • District 4, 5, and 6 vote at East School

  • For questions on voting districts please call the Republican Registrar of Voters, Joan McLaughlin, at (203) 594-3060

  • For questions on absentee voting please call the office of the Town Clerk, Claudia Weber, at (203) 594-3070