The Republican Town Committee (“RTC”) believes the Town of New Canaan should be governed for the benefit of all our citizens.  We look to ensure long-term prosperity for our families, community, and local institutions.  We are committed to supporting our neighboring communities while retaining our independence from state, regional, and federal encroachments.

To deliver on our town’s social and fiscal responsibilities, we believe:

► Government must be ethically, competently, and responsibly administered;

► Town government must be locally managed by decision makers accountable to the citizens of New Canaan; and

►  The town needs to adopt budgets that set practical spending priorities in a fair and transparent manner and which do not overspend available resources.

Further, we promote conditions that help entrepreneurs and small businesses drive economic growth and create opportunity.

The RTC supports our law enforcement officers, firefighters, educators, and town employees who ensure the safety of our community and provide New Canaan’s infrastructure and emergency services.  We value our volunteer organizations and community associations that help deliver small town government in an efficient and reliable manner.

We encourage wise stewardship of our rich natural resources and endorse practical efforts to lower the cost of energy, understanding we must adapt to today’s dynamic technology, public transportation, housing and commercial needs.

​​To support this platform, the RTC recruits and supports qualified candidates for local boards, commissions and elected offices.  The RTC also recognizes the importance of timely communications with Darien residents about key issues that impact our community.

The New Canaan RTC has also taken positions on several key issues in this November’s state election.