I am a current member of Town Council.  I have children in public schools and they are thriving. I am a practicing attorney.  My areas of expertise include labor and employment law, corporate law and regulatory compliance. I also maintain a robust corporate advisory practice and negotiate with labor unions on behalf of corporations.  My New Canaan town experience includes the honor of serving as a member of Town Council for six years (so far). In that time, I chair the Town Council’s Public Safety Committee that acts as the liaison between TC and first responder departments, i.e., Police, Fire, EMS, Emergency Services. I also sit on the Police Building Committee overseeing the design and reconstruction of the police headquarters that will remain in its current location.  I am a member of the New Canaan Exchange Club and thoroughly enjoy participating in setting up the annual Christmas Tree lot at Kiwanis along with the dedicated members of the Club. I am a member of the Board of Directors of New Canaan Youth Football that is responsible for oversight and organization of NC’s youth football program.  I am a youth football coach as well. I also proudly serve as a Eucharistic Minister at Saint Aloysius.


Why am I running for re-election: This town is a truly special place in American society. While it’s physical beauty and first-class school system attracted my wife and I enough to move here, the unique beauty of the town was revealed to me through getting to know its residents and absorbing the town’s rhythm. I dare to say that the town’s culture is a sensitive ecosystem that has been carefully curated and cultivated over the course of its history. There is great legacy we all have inherited from previous generations of New Canaanites; typified by civility in how we treat each other, respect for diverse viewpoints, extraordinary devotion to ensuring all the town’s resources are safeguarded and enhanced whether it be the school system, open spaces, youth sports facilities, not-for-profits serving our seniors and others in need to mention a few. The aforementioned attributes that constitute the necessary formula that make our town special require vigilance in protecting. My concern is that if we, as the body politic, deviate to any degree from that formula it will make resolving challenges (e.g. mobile phone service, affordable housing solutions, how we tax and spend) that confront us much more difficult and, perhaps, result in less than optimal outcomes with unintended negative consequences.  I am seeking re-election to continue to ensure that the formula remains intact and vibrant for the benefit of all of us now and for generations to come.