James and his wife Katrina have been happy and proud New Canaan residents for the last 8 years, moving here from New York City. As a former architecture student James took a tour of the Glass House years earlier, and after a lunch on Elm Street there was no turning back. James and Katrina knew that New Canaan would be where they would raise their family. Max (8) and Adalind (6) soon joined the picture; the Yao family could not imagine living anywhere else.

James refined his fiscal management skills on the trading desk and spent years in structured finance at UBS. After being offered an opportunity to continue the hectic pace and long hours at a prominent asset management firm, James opted instead to make a career change that would allow him to make the daily commute to New Canaan and be a part of his wife’s and children’s everyday lives. Since 2012, James has served as a bank regulator where he reviews financial and governance practices at institutions to ensure their safety and soundness. James has also managed and restored homes as an independent property investor and manager. On his days off, James can be seen coaching his son at wrestling and martial arts tournaments or cheering from the stands at his football games. He also looks forward to seeing his daughter begin her gymnastics competitions this fall.

James is a passionate, thoughtful, and intentional advocate for children and families in New Canaan. Through this work, James has witnessed the inner workings of town government. New Canaan needs and would greatly benefit from a fresh perspective and increased transparency. New Canaan needs an independent voice for its families, seniors, and businesses. James looks forward to the opportunity to give back to a community that has given his family so much.

James would love to hear your thoughts on our town.
Please feel free to contact him at: Jyao@RCN.com or on the Campaign Facebook page