Steve Karl, Town Council

I ran for re-election to continue work I have begun on projects recently. As Chairman of the ByLaws and Ordinance Subcommittee, we have been very active with the formation and implementation of both the Audit Committee and the Charter Revision Committee. As Vice Chairman of the Council for the past six years, I’ve attempted to provide a steady and collegial atmosphere within the Council as it performs its tasks and duties.

I have served on numerous Boards, Commissions, Committees and non-profits over the years. My wife Tracey and I have four boys who have all attended NC Public Schools. As a lifelong resident and local business owner, I feel I offer a unique perspective and understanding of our town.

Experience on the Council has taught me a number of valuable lessons. By far the most important one is that our community is extremely diverse in its needs. Striking an equitable balance is what keeps our town running smoothly and efficiently. Prudent financial decisions in the past have allowed us to be in the successful position we are today. As we move forward the choices made in the next year will set our course for decades to come.

Priority one is tackling the capital projects we are facing while taking a long hard look to decide which items are critical and which ones can wait. I would like to see us benchmark community expectations, create a hard list, and mandate that we stick to it for a minimum of four years.

Secondly, we have faced a number of important issues on the Bylaws and Ordinance Subcommittee including Health and Sanitation, Building, and Public Safety. There is more work to do, including our current task of looking at Bristow, and other issues in the pipeline.

Finally, I am serving on the recently formed NC Playhouse Committee and we will spend the next few months studying this historic building. The Committee will also be looking at potential future programming and revenue generation that the theater can provide. As an anchor to our downtown shopping and restaurants it remains one of our most important assets and deserves some long overdue attention.

My overarching priority is to stress civility, courtesy, and to fairly represent the interests and opinions of all of our residents regardless of politics, beliefs or personal opinion.