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Welcome! Thank you for visiting the New Canaan Republican Town Committee’s website. Our mission is to recruit and support qualified Republicans to serve in the best interest of all New Canaan residents. The New Canaan Republican Town Committee has been instrumental in identifying candidates who have helped shape our town to what it is today.

Despite the Democrat-led state government handing us two of the largest tax increases in Connecticut’s history, our Republican leadership in New Canaan has continued to maintain low taxes and provide one of the best school systems in Connecticut while supporting our seniors.

We have a track record of tremendous success, and we could not have achieved this success without our many volunteers. There are plenty of ways to volunteer and keep New Canaan a great place to raise a family and retire. Please let us know if you have an interest in serving on one of the town’s Boards or Commissions or supporting our Republican candidates who will represent New Canaan in the Connecticut General Assembly.

Patrick Donovan, Chair

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The RTC Chairman is always looking for new volunteers for endorsement by the Committee to serve in appointed positions on various town boards and commissions, and also volunteers who may wish to serve as a member of the RTC. Email Pat Donovan at

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Next Monthly Meeting, May 10, 2021 at 7:30 PM Online

The New Canaan Republican Town Committee will hold its monthly meeting at 7:30 PM on May 10. The RTC usually meets the second Monday of every month at Town Hall but will be on Zoom until the pandemic subsides.



WHEREAS, Connecticut’s towns and cities successfully use local zoning and planning processes to balance private property rights, the community’s interests, demands on infrastructure, housing needs, and economic growth; and

WHEREAS, local control and decision making empowers the residents and taxpayers of each town and city to carefully tailor zoning policies that reflect its unique geography, economy, and housing market; and

WHEREAS, localized decision making ensures the greatest level of accountability while allowing affected community members the greatest level of input and the platform through a public hearing to provide specific, relevant information on potential impacts that only they would have knowledge of; and

WHEREAS, local control and local input enable neighbors and the local community to provide beneficial suggestions, identify errors and maximize community buy-in on zoning proposals; and

WHEREAS, proposals have been introduced in the General Assembly to strip local planning and zoning processes from towns and cities; and
WHEREAS, proposals have been introduced in the General Assembly to allow BY RIGHT market value multi-family development that will not generate any new affordable housing units; and

WHEREAS, proposals have been introduced in the General Assembly to allow outside Housing Authorities within 15 miles radius to develop affordable housing projects within our town; and

WHEREAS, BY RIGHT multi-family development can lead to exponential market value overbuilding and can cause adverse impacts to town infrastructure; and

WHEREAS, BY RIGHT development gives outsized rights to builders over all other property owners and prevents local Planning and Zoning Commissions from identifying the potential impacts of their project and imposing conditions upon a developer to address those direct impacts; and

WHEREAS, eliminating public hearings and community input on zoning matters would have unintended consequences such as increased infrastructure costs, increased local property taxes, and reduced home and business values which will be borne by the town residents; and

WHEREAS, each town and city already have the choice to modify or abolish its zoning ordinances if the elected town or city government decides it best serves the community’s interests; and

NOW BE IT RESOLVED the REPUBLICAN TOWN COMMITTEE of the town of NEW CANAAN opposes any State Mandated one size fits all Zoning Legislation and the ability of any outside housing authority to have jurisdiction over our town’s Affordable Housing plan and any similar legislation that would further overrule, remove or diminish local control and decision making related to planning and zoning or affordable housing from the town of New Canaan; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that a copy of this resolution shall be sent to all State Representatives and State Senators representing this town, to the Governor, all members of the State Legislature’s Planning and Development, Finance, Transportation and Housing Committees, and to all legislators sponsoring bills that remove local control of planning and zoning and affordable housing.